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It usually takes between 3 and 6 months before the show goes to air. We don’t have a huge staff of people that come in and do all the work for us. You guys get to see the ten-seconds it gets edited down to when it might have taken 100 hours to film. KB: You know I am only the only girl on camera, but off camera we have female researchers, producers and coordinators. You only see me on screen, but it’s a huge team effort behind the camera, so it doesn’t feel like I am the only girl in any way. KB: Now that I had a kid, I am really glad I did it back then.

BLAST: Is there a lot of editing that goes into it? It was really fun and funny because we don’t have makeup and hair on the show, so getting prettied up and getting all that attention was really great. In fact I think I am wearing less on the shark special.

We weren’t cast, we are all just real people who have worked on screen before. We find different myths from us scouring the internet, people submitting ideas on the message boards, talking to us on the street, and viewers sending in stuff.We also have a master list we have been building since Mythbusters inception in 2003. If it just so happens that we have access to a huge wind machine, we might just do something with hurricanes.He worked for Industrial Light and Magic on films including the Star Wars.He is also the winner of "Spirit of the Gumball" by winning the Gumball 3000 race.

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