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One character is melancholy after a personal loss, and he drowns his sorrows at the pub.Parents need to know that although this film is animated and rated PG, it's not aimed at very young children.

Computer animation effects are mixed in with the 2D cell animation (as Hayao Miyazaki did in , for example) when more dramatically effective, soiling the work’s aesthetic “purity.” The characters seem selfish and more than a little naive.

Tatischeff is a kind and loving man who just wants to do his sleight-of-hand shows for as many people as possible.

Even in the face of commercial failure, he never succumbs to despair, and he manages to maintain his dignity.

Nevertheless, Chomet bears a somewhat tarnished image within the international animation community, perhaps if only for completing , however, you can actually see Chomet’s relationship with this “tarnish.” The film is an allegory of the artist’s relation to indifferent socio-economic processes, an open-ended narrative about the cruelty of the system in which one must ply one’s trade.

In a fateful moment of the film, the illusionist writes the girl a note simply stating that “Magicians don’t exist.” Chomet elaborated on this point in the discussion after the film: I’m paraphrasing, of course, but the point rings true through the content of the film: we see that people are somewhat impressed by the magic that the illusionist practices, despite the pathetic ambience of the music hall and his not having control over his rabbit in the hat, but no one can truly (2006) bearing a similar message, with Hugh Jackman’s character declaring that “the audience knows the truth: the world is simple.

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