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While some might see this as rude, those who are socially awkward or fear confrontation will find it convenient. When it comes down to it, 64% of people who use online dating sites are looking for someone they have something in common with, and 49% say they are looking for someone with physical characteristics they are attracted to.

While your best chance at finding love is through a friend-which is how 63% of married couples say they met their partner-you still only have a 17% chance that you will like the person you're set up with.For those 55 to 64-year-olds that use online dating, there has been a 6% increase from 2013 to 2015.For women, online dating statistics show that a woman's desirability online peaks at 21.Only 9% of women report finding a relationship at a bar or club, and only 2% of men has made a relationship through that scenario. Online dating statistics show that 20% of those in current, committed relationships began online and 7% of marriages in 2015 were between couples that met on a dating website.If you meet someone online, chances are you'll break up online.

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    This not only is unsafe but can violate the POF terms of service. This is to prove you are a real person filling out your free dating profile. If you do not enter this correctly you will have to try again with a new captcha. This test is completely optional but could be of use if you are seeking a more long term type of relationship.

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