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There are other types of ultrasound, and new technologies being developed all the time.However, information on these is beyond the scope of this FAQ. Vaginal ultrasound is used for very early pregnancy, and sometimes for heavier women with more abdominal fat.

Big moms are STRONGLY urged to read the FAQ on Ultrasound Safety and Accuracy BEFORE reading this FAQ, so that they can better understand the benefits and risks of ultrasounds before reading about their implications in women of size.

research any test before deciding whether to use it or not. For more information on prenatal testing, see the FAQs available from info on the Internet.

Testing decisions vary greatly depending on family history, medical condition, parental beliefs, etc.

Prenatal testing has certain advantages and in some situations can be a great help.

Kmom uses certain types of prenatal testing herself, and under certain circumstances, might choose to use other types too.

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