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There are some well-known works that gathered controversy throughout the years, and there are also famously controversial works in which the controversy, whether rightful or not, would overshadow most other aspects.

Which isn't to say that works in the latter category have no other redeeming factor, just that most people would know little else aside from the controversial aspects.

Auch in seinem Privatleben versucht er die Ideale des Samurailebens zu verwirklichen (keine Anhäufung materieller Besitztümer, ehrenvolle und stolze Lebensführung, Disziplin).

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Sometimes it's a teacher trying to help a troubled teen, leading to them becoming close friends.

As the Real Life section indicates, while not everyone finds older or younger people completely unapproachable, there's still frequently a gap there.

This can take the form of a young adult from one generation befriending someone old enough to be their parent or even grandparent, such as in the comedy .

Sometimes, the two happen to have more in common than they think, such as having surprisingly similar life experiences.

Sometimes the younger generation is more mature, or the older generation is less mature - the latter especially helps writers to dodge away from worrying questions being asked about sexual attraction.

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