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In the government of his diocese, Cardinal Orsini was unremitting in his labours and zeal.He visited even the most remote hamlets and was not less watchful over temporal than over spiritual things.At the age of twenty-one he was promoted to a professorship.On 22 February, 1672, he was elevated to the cardinalate by his relative Clement X.

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He built hospitals and strove incessantly for the alleviation of the sufferings of the poor.

He protested strenuously against the honour, but was compelled to accept it under the vow of obedience by the General of the Dominicans, at the insistence of the pope.

As cardinal he adhered strictly to the observance of the rule of his order, and never laid aside his habit.

The only reproach made against his administration is that his simplicity and child-like confidence exposed him to the wiles of some unscrupulous persons who abused his confidence.

Cardinal Orsini had already taken part in four conclaves, when Innocent XIII died in March, 1724; and in all he had acted in the spirit of the zelanti .

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