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I would never take people's money and rip them off like this. I provided all the information requested, but when the page requesting one to confirm one had read the terms and conditions one can't get any further. It took a total of 12 back and forth emails to get a simple answer. I asked to speak to a live person and was told that it was for paying members. I was a paying member - of course after this experience, I cancelled my membership. I've been on this site before and it was okay. I have tried multiple times to subscribe so I can read my messages and it wont work. Stay away from this site it's only after your money. Tried and tried and tried to find out why they suspended me. Christian mingle has the worst customer support ever.Whenever a business decides to put itself before its customers, I feel an urge to share my story with others (in a hopefully calm, rational, and unbiased way). I actively used Christian Mingle from May 2015 to March 2016, which is when I met my current girlfriend (I met her on another website, not Christian Mingle).

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So people looking at your main picture can only see from your neck down on your main picture. One of them after texting 3 times wanted to get married and wanted me to send him half of the money to open a Real Estate. At least 11 of the men that contacted me were scammers. And after texting a guy for 2 months turns out to be he confessed he was 23 years old from Nigeria and that they were a group of them doing these to get money out of women I did not give him a cent.Leo claimed that he could not get money in Ghana with his Visa, Mastercard, or cash his travelers check. He than wanted money again for he and his son to fly to the states so Willie could get treatment. He said that they were not allowed into the states and he was back in Ghana. He claimed to be half Italian and had a very thick accent. The other names that he has used in Romance scams are Edward Powell, James Harry, and Fatahian Alain.He wrote long e-mails every morning professing his love for me. I tried updating my bio to include my personal website so people could get into contact with me on there stating that I didn't have the -/year to pay for messaging and they denied my request to add that into my bio stating in an email: "You recently submitted your profile for approval. Some of the content was removed as it contained: Contact Information - We ask that you please keep from posting your email address, instant messenger info, or any other contact information in your profile.

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