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This may seem a bit demoralizing for you, but if you’re really looking to use an app to meet a potential partner, The Grade is worth a shot.

Bumble is like Tinder—only it’s designed to navigate around the common harassment-like annoyances and silences that plague popular dating app.

In dismissing the case, an appeals court ruled that “their claims are barred by the CDA.” Even if Myspace should have had better rules or age verification software in place — as lawyers for the girl and her mother claimed — they still had no legs to stand on, legally.

In the words of Hot or Not’s Terms of Service, “we’re not responsible for anything that you post or say.” do it, anyway.

Your behavior is graded on profile popularity (based on if you have compelling content, interesting photos, and how often your profile is “liked”), responsiveness (how often you respond and get a response back), and message quality (spelling mistakes, use of slang, inappropriate words); together these cumulative assigned letter grades are slapped on your profile, so women can see if you’re an A or less than.

Don’t worry, just like college, you can do extra credit to improve your grades, and you’ll even get a warning if you start to slip below a C.

The pair met on the hook-up app “Hot or Not,” which prompted the judge on the case to bemoan, at length, the sexual mores of kids these days.

This app was designed “for the most desirable singles and aims to create a community of desirable, responsive, and articulate singles by expelling ‘failing’ users.” The Grade uses an “objective” algorithm to expel low-quality members they deem hostile, offensive, and undesirable.

But that’s just a claim: There are no visible safeguards in place.

And arguably, by inviting teenagers in to begin with, hook-up apps are inviting them to lie about their age.

Stop trying to pick women up at the gym and download Sweatt instead.

Read and use these seven science-backed tricks for getting swiped right, then take a look at these new dating apps and download the one that’s best for you.

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