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Many of the items that make it to these shops are fairly beat up, but if you don't mind doing a little painting or staining there can be some good buys here. - There are some things that are great buys at Overstock and many products where you can get better prices and faster delivery at other sites like Amazon, but for wool rugs and furniture, especially all wood furniture, the prices at Overstock are pretty hard to beat.

I prefer to buy all wood furniture to avoid the off gassing of chemicals from particle board and engineered wood.

It was cheap, fun to decorate and a great conversation piece. Inflatable Furniture - For kid's rooms at home and college dorm rooms, this may be a good option as air filled furniture is easy to deflate and move to another location. You know the old saying, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

On my card I got one of the rare 30% off pieces, so I went wild and bought a dishwasher, a living room set and a rocking chair and more.

Garage sales - It is time consuming process but if you have more time than money this can be a great option.

Try going early to get the best picks, or go later in the day when prices are marked down.

The pieces were already on sale, so I got everything at below cost.

(One of the sales clerks later told me they lowered the maximum percent off of future scratch card events specifically because of the money they lost on my shopping spree.)8.

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