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After a few moments I said, “Okay, Matt your turn.” He began to kiss around her neck working towards her collarbones. “Pull down her bra straps to expose her.” As he did her 32D boobs spilled out revealing her perky breasts and hard nipples.

Stephanie reached behind and undid her bra strap, slid it down and threw it to the floor.

She is always at the gym and her body reflects her hard work.

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He vented to us about how she still checks his emails looking for something to make her feel better about what she did. We never liked her too much as she didn't get along with my girlfriend.

The next day I called Matt after work and asked him to meet me up at a bar for drinks. ""Yeah, the whole picture scenario where I send it to myself? First of all, you’re not to tell a soul about this or I'll fucking kill you. We fucked like crazy those last few days in that week. I wasn't sure how I would feel when she was naked in front of my friend. She also had on her tall black heels that made her butt bubble even more. As I poured the last glass from the bottle, we heard a knock at the door. I finally suggested we head upstairs and get things started. ” I asked.“Well…a little,” she replied trying to avoid eye contact.“Excited? ” she asked as she smirked at me.“Baby, you know my fantasies about this. As she reciprocated by grabbing my cock she continued, “I want to feel how hard you are before I play with Matt’s cock.” A few moments of this went by before the bathroom door opened.

" he replied."Exactly, so Stephanie brought up an interesting idea last night. We are doing this so you can get back at that bitch of an ex," I said. When I got home I told my girlfriend he agreed and that he is coming over on Friday. She then lifted her skirt and showed me her sheer lace black thong that she had bought just for today. Stephanie ran upstairs from what I thought was nerves and I opened the door. As Stephanie and I entered the bedroom Matt said he would hop in the shower real quick to let us finish getting ready. Even though you two aren’t going to fuck you’re still going to be naked together. You’re probably even going to play with him a little bit.”“You want to see me stroke his cock? We both blushed as Matt apologized for interrupting.“No, no it’s okay.

” Matt asked.“Mhmmm,” she replied as she straddled him finally relaxing to rest her weight on him.“Alright, guys so we want to take photos that look real.

So, I’ll give you guys some basic instructions and take a few shots.

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