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Snap judgments might not be fair, but they’re a part of online dating. If you have a mediocre or worse profile picture, the greatest profile in the world may well be ignored and never read.

Avoid this by taking a current picture that authentically demonstrates your personality and day-to-day life.

So instead of telling, show: “I’m the guy who grabs an umbrella and a tire jack at a.m. Your potential match is browsing countless photos and will, in all likelihood, skim profiles quickly.

when a friend calls,” or “My passport has six stamps—ask me which ones—but is still missing France and Barbados.” How many songs stick in your head if the hook is not memorable? You need a profile that instantly resonates and stands out from the pack.

It is far better to be honest and authentic with the most important parts of your profile to ensure expectations are fulfilled when it comes time to meet.

Whether you are looking for something casual or long-term, convey your ultimate relationship desires to screen out anyone who is not a right fit for your dating aspirations.Your online dating username, also known as your handle, is how you identify yourself online.Think of it as a nickname of sorts—something that identifies you without divulging your actual name.Preferably, the majority of your profile pictures will show you being social and out with friends.For ladies, there is a bit more grace for the selfie, but still avoid including a bathroom selfie at all costs.

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