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They’d hired an artist to come up with graphics for t-shirts and shorts. If she didn’t want to be in the news, I had to respect that. I took a closer look at the bouncer and, like my security guy, he might have played for the New York Giants. I put my arm around Miranda’s waist and we followed Rachel to Adrienne’s table. She’s having my baby and will be in my life from now on, but she’s not my girlfriend. I, on the other hand, can’t avoid it, so I would rather it be about something true than made-up stuff.” “Kara explained that to me, but I guess I didn’t understand,” Miranda said. I looked around, and all the candles reminded me of my attempt at setting a romantic stage for Tami and me. Maybe Pam had been right when she tried to get me to forget about the bad memories at the lake and how I associated it with Jeff. Some girls will throw out a dick comment like that to stroke your ego, but she was too fascinated with Mr. I’d lost some of my firmness, but she soon had me rock-hard again. While she played with her new favorite toy, I dove in and began to feast on her tight little snatch. “Okay, scoot over to the edge of the bed so your head hangs over the side. I stepped off the bed and fed my dick into her mouth. I turned on the vibrator and pushed it into her tight little pussy. I flipped her around and grabbed her thighs to lift and separate her legs. She whimpered at the loss of her sex toy, but I replaced it with something more substantial. Turns out, Tracy was wrong: Miranda’s inability to dance had nothing at all to do with how good she was in bed. “I never thought I would see you doing the ‘walk of shame,’” Adrienne teased. She was a strong, independent woman who was sexy as hell.

Jackie loved that I was willing to change on the set. Michael had several outfits laid out, and Jackie’s assistants would hurry out as I stripped down to my boxers and hand me my new clothes to put on. It clarified for me that whomever I did end up with would need to be able to handle the press. I needed to remember that I was with her, even though it was a job. The setting on the edge of the lake made you forget that you were in the middle of New York. I would bet that being young and single would be fun here. Someone had told them that we were on a photo shoot, and they wanted the restaurant to get the best possible exposure. I reached out and pulled Jackie and Miranda behind me. I smiled when I saw an overconfident man sitting next to Adrienne, making a play. I needed to replace the memory of Tami and insert a new one with Miranda. When my semierect penis was exposed, her eyes got big. I could tell she wanted more time doing this, but I wanted to give her some pleasure also. She had a fat little pussy that cried out that it needed to be eaten. As I pleasured her, I noticed that she was taking more and more of my length into her mouth. I’d seen a man do this and had never had anyone I thought might do it. I then grasped her legs behind the knees and pulled her butt off the bed. With her butt in the air, I could lean down and eat her pussy. Miranda shrieked around my dick and tried to stuff my full length into her gullet. I jerked out of her mouth so I could put on a condom. I would rate Miranda an eight for overall cock-sucking. I had to smile when I remembered how she first reacted to seeing Mr. I guess the Biebs didn’t measure up, but then again, he was only five-eight or nine to my six-four. I just ignored their giggles, went, and took my shower. She’d actually been on the road by herself since she was fifteen. I got the impression that Kara’s weren’t happy when she first started to travel, but they both had jobs that prevented them from going with her. The good news was she now had Adrienne and Tyler to look out for her. Tyler was the one they all called ‘Mom’ because she called them out on bad behavior. She had all their respect because she’d lived the life.

Like many military dramas, is half wish-fulfillment and half coping mechanism, an elaborate retelling of a cultural myth that has only grown stronger in an era of perpetual mass shootings: that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Its carefully crafted moments of comeuppance are designed to feed a very specific brand of power fantasy, one where violence is justified—even celebrated—by the moral and physical superiority of its square-jawed hero. Thanks in part to the ascendancy of Trump, the fall season of television features no fewer than three new military dramas that feel painstakingly targeted to red state viewers: .

Although each displays its own particular brand of sometimes jingoistic patriotism, all offer insight into the hopes and fears of the conservative male psyche, and how it is torn between lionizing violence and coping with its ruinous four series is, invariably, a white man; his name could be Jason, Adam, Bob Lee or Mike, but he is always a good, God-fearing man.

They hurried over and talked to Miranda, and she came and got into the car with me. Kara and I spent some alone-time together in the morning.

She said you planned this for someone.” “Yeah, but she had to go home,” I deflected. I explained that while it was fun, there was a cost.

Let me tell someone we’re leaving,” he said, and he went off to find Adrienne’s security. When I got back, I found a note from Kara telling me to come down to the models’ condo when I returned.

I told her about how I found myself not trusting people as much anymore and why. She was part Indian—country, not Native American—which gave her a darker skintone.

It really was different than being an athlete or model. While she did well in the States, she was huge in Europe.

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