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'The union acquis should continue to apply in full to and in the United Kingdom as if it were a member state,' the document states.'Any changes made to the acquis during this time should automatically apply to the United Kingdom.'All existing union regulatory, budgetary, supervisory, judiciary and enforcement instruments and structures will apply, including the competence of the court of justice of the European Union.'From March 30, 2019 Britain will become a 'third country' and will 'no longer be represented in union institutions, agencies, bodies and offices'.'The transition period needs to be clearly defined and precisely limited in time.Munroe, who began living as a woman at the age of 18 and started making her transition at 25, says she sees herself as a 'role option'.'Hopefully people can relate to what I've been through because it's not a smooth ride but people can see their own ride in mine.'She adds that it's 'great' that , L'Oréal are doing the campaign because diversity is hugely important to her and it's why she continues to break down barriers.'Makeup has been a way of me reflection of how I feel inside and it's a direct expression of who I am,' she said.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Philip Hammond has stressed the importance of striking a transition deal to avoid a 'cliff edge'.'The commission is setting out their negotiating position.Those negotiations will get underway shortly,' the PM's spokesman said.'We are currently looking at around two years, 24 months.But he admitted there was an issue because after 2019 the UK will not be part of 'discussions establishing the fish quotas'.Hinting at concessions, Mr Barnier said: 'We'll have to find a mechanism, a way of consulting with the UK specifically on this questions.' The guidelines for the transition talks spells out that the EU will not allow any 'cherry picking' of terms.

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