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The human Necroteuch tome written in High Gothic was quickly found and destroyed by Eisenhorn himself.Some Radical Inquisitors deemed this a heretical act, and damned Eisenhorn for it.

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To control Cherubael, Eisenhorn sacrificed the naïve Puritan Inquisitor Bastian Verveuk in an improvised Chaotic ritual.

This led him to the fortress world of Cadia, where he discovered another daemonhost, Prophaniti, and ties between these daemonhosts and the missing Radical Inquisitor Quixos.

However, Eisenhorn's investigation was sidelined for some time by his arrest by Inquisitor Osma for allegedly consorting with daemons.

Initially a Puritan of the Amalathian faction, Eisenhorn's Inquisitorial ideology would alter over the course of his career so dramatically towards the philosophy of Radical Xanthism that other members of the Inquisition consider him a possible heretic.

Indeed, Eisenhorn has officially been considered a traitor by the Inquisition at least twice in his Inquisitorial career, only to be proved a righteous servant of the Emperor of Mankind both times. M41, on De Kere's World, Gregor Eisenhorn was taken at an early age by the Black Ships and in time he became an Acolyte of Inquisitor Hapshant.

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