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Over 50,000 visitors confirms how great the international interest in BIOFACH and VIVANESS and in the organic and natural cosmetics industries is.

VIVANESS informed, inspired and showcased current trends through product worlds, a specialised supporting programme and discussions.

The demand for certification in accordance with the COSMOS standard has increased significantly once again both in and outside of Germany, and the fact that compliance with the standard became compulsory for all COSMOS members on is bound to have contributed here.

As one of VIVANESS's honorary sponsors, we were delighted to be able to enrich the trade fair with an appearance dominated by internationality." "Congratulations on producing such successful trade fairs!

It brings together the traditional with the modern and pioneers with newcomers from the international cosmetics sector in a unique manner.Wir pflegen echte Handwerkskunst, bei uns bekommen Sie kein Industrie-Bier!Wir freuen uns, dass Sie den virtuellen Weg gefunden haben, und sich für unsere Produkte und Leistungen interessieren!Auch in 2018 werden wir alles tun, um unsere Patienten...Das Erlanger Waldkrankenhaus hat beim Klinikcheck der Nürnberger Nachrichten in der Kategorie „Hüftendoprotetik“ einen Spitzenplatz belegt.

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