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One modifier (Lattice) is above the Derived-Object Line so it showing its effect only on the Reference but the one (Bend) which is below the Derived-Object Line is showing its effect on all the three objects i.e.the Reference clone, the original object and its Instance clone.We've added a few new spline tools that can be used to create and animate geometry in several intuitive ways.Draw splines freehand directly in the viewport, use a spline as a morpher on existing spline objects, or use the new spline tools to animate objects.This tool can be applied based on soft selection values.

Options include the ability to animate the twist along the path of the spline as well as having the deformed object adopt the Material ID of the underlying spline.

Autodesk recently announced Cloud Rights for both 3ds Max and Maya customers, which will give subscribers access to computing resources on the cloud.

With the increased demand for complex scenes, users are looking to process computing-intensive tasks in the cloud.

As you can see in the given image, the Bend modifier is affecting all the three objects in the scene as they all turned Pink but the Lattice modifier is influencing or affecting only one object out of three.

I noticed people mostly love to use instance whenever they do modelling.

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